For the Fordophiles.

A Harrison Ford Appreciation Blog.

FORDOPHILE: (n.) A person who is an obsessive admirer of the American actor Harrison Ford.

Here at, For the Fordophiles, Harrison Ford will be featured in all ways. From his well known roles of Indiana Jones and Han Solo, to his cult hit as Rick Deckard in Ridley Scott's, Blade Runner. Love will be given to him as Dr. Richard Kimble from the 1993 Action-Crime movie, The Fugitive. Showing off his heroic role as President James Marshall in Air Force One and we will never forget his other fantastic roles, such as Presumed Innocent, Regarding Henry, Sabrina and Hollywood Homicide. And perhaps you'll learn of some his unknown works such as, The Conversation, The Frisco Kid, and Hanover Street.

All interviews, movie reviews, quotes, photos will be shared. For the Fordophiles, anything will be done.

Please enjoy the greatness of the wonderful Mister Harrison Ford.

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1, 2/∞; Harrison Ford.

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Favourite favourites :: Harrison Ford as Jack Trainer (Working Girl) 1/? 

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Happy Birthday, Harrison! 

Happy Birthday, Indiana Jones!
July 1, 1899. 

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4 Favorite Photos of Harrison - Asked by: Somuchmorethanthis

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Sean Young about the filming of the love scene in Blade Runner.

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